Bringing New York to Winnipeg

As a new member of the New York Singing Teachers’ Association I attended their annual Comparative Voice Pedagogy course, held at the Teacher’s College of Columbia University in New York City. Six Master Teachers, having themselves sung on some of the biggest stages around the world, presented their methodologies over the two day conference. Ranging […]

The Unseen Benefits of Music Education

“Musicians are more successful than non-musicians in learning to incorporate sound patterns for a new language into words. Children who are musically trained show stronger neural activation to pitch changes in speech and have a better vocabulary and reading ability than children who did not receive music training.” – article featured on The Science Daily […]

Music increases quality of life (and likely extends it)

The vocal teacher who rebuild my shattered voice, Mr. Glen Pierce, believes that his constant involvement in music is part of the reason for his good health and longevity. As of this post, he is now 101 years old and in fantastic shape – all there mentally, walks without a cane, drives his car.  He […]

You might have more musical talent than you realise – BBC News

“There might be people out there who are utterly musical, but don’t do anything with that skill or haven’t fully developed it” – Dr Daniel Mullensiefen, Goldsmiths College Read his short BBC Article HERE How musical are you? Takes 25 minutes on a computer with sound Test your rhythm, music memory and knowledge Take the […]

4th Season as Anthem Singer for Winnipeg Goldeyes

D. Bruce Moore was invited back as an Anthem Singer for the Winnipeg Goldeyes – no re-audition required. The Goldeyes regularly host American teams and require both anthems sung at the beginning of each game. Bruce has enjoyed to opportunity to sing for such a large crowd, and makes sure to lead “O Canada” in […]

This accounts for much of the pinched singing we hear

The tongue is an enormous muscle compared with the other parts of the throat and mouth, and its roots particularly can by a slight movement block the passage of the throat pressing against the larynx. This accounts for much of the pinched singing we hear. – Mastery of the Tongue – Caruso and Tetrazzini

Member of the New York Singing Teachers Association

Upon reviewing my application, the Board of Directors have voted to accept D. Bruce Moore as a member! The New York Singing Teachers Association is the oldest professional association of singing teachers and voice professionals, founded in 1906, centered in New York, with local, national and international members. NYSTA is dedicated to inspiring and educating […]