The “Old Italian Methods” of singing

Giambattista Mancini, Practical Reflections on the Figurative Art of SingingAllesandro Bonci, from the Forward of “Practical Reflections on the Figurative Art of Singing”, written by Giambattista Mancini in the 1800s, translated to English in 1912:

“This work appears at a propitious moment, as not one of the many new methods has proved as good or successful as the old Italian method. If the modern scientific discoveries would blend themselves with the old Italian method, using the latter as a foundation, then the art of song would again be raised to its former high standard.

I strongly recommend your work to the English speaking people, as it will show them how to broaden the vowels without sacrificing the consonants, and also how to control the syllables at the front of the mouth without tightening the throat, an act that invariably mars the purity of tone.”

These “old Italian methods” are what my coach used to restore my broken voice and are the same methods that I use in my vocal instruction.